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The Merry Dancers, February 2014

These photos do not do the display justice.  It was the best I have seen in over twenty years.  In fact I think it was even better than the last major display I saw in 1992, when I lived in…


Today’s website task was to choose photos of myself to upload to the frontpage here.  This was not fun. Having my eyes stare back at me for a couple of hours as I selected, cropped, collaged and scaled, was not…


I love GIMP, it does everything I need it to.  Plus, it has a much more amusing name than Photoshop. Today I have had my day off writing (I try and have one off out of seven, and vary which…

Final Rewrites, Book One

Today I should hit 90k words, revised, rewritten and mostly edited. This is a good day, although I am conscious of the fact I still have nearly twice that to complete.  And then the final edits.